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Photo of Tonia Witt, Owner and Founder


About Rise Up Sports Media

As long as I can remember I’ve had a love of sports. Growing up I can recall there not being many options for girls to play. So, I had to make my mark in a league of boys being the only girl at the time to play Little League baseball. As I grew older there were more opportunities for girls/females but still not the same advantages as boys/males in the same sports. Even today girls/female sports don’t hold the same weight. So, with the start of Rise Up Sports Media, I hope to give girls/females the spotlight they deserve. Females in sports will get their well-deserved attention. In the meantime make sure to follow Rise Up Sports Media on Instagram and Facebook.

- Tonia Witt, Owner and Founder

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Mercy Women's Basketball Players

Changing the way female athletes are viewed...

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We provide female athletes a space to thrive and be highlighted in ways not previously available.
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